ThermalTreat Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Sewage Elimination System

ZLDpicThe ThermalTreat Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Sewage Elimination System, invented by Namon Nassef, offers a new innovative green technology for the elimination of sewage from vehicles and remote locations. This technology surpasses the antiquated methods currently in use and stands shoulders above the existing technologies on the market. We believe that there is a growing desire for environmentally friendly energy recovery methods to handle sewage. It is our belief that when this technology is offered and demonstrated, the demand for it will be overwhelming since it is more efficient, cost effective and green. The current markets are huge (several hundred million dollars per year) and the international market is immeasurable.


Working Prototype in Inventor's GMC

About the ZLD



The ThermalTreat Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System is an innovative “Green” sewage elimination technology that uses the heat from the engine exhaust of a vehicle. The system is small, lightweight and uses no chemicals. It produces no odors, liquid, or solids to handle.

The ThermalTreat – ZLD Zero Liquid Discharge has received two U.S. patents and applications for eleven foreign patents are pending.

The ZLD system uses a small 5 gallon or less EQ tank, grinds up the solids, and then further dissolves the solids in the liquid. It then pressurizes this liquid and injects it into the hot exhaust gas of the engine. Steam and negligible minerals which come from the food you ate leave with the hot exhaust gas.

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